I want to mount a camera on the back of my truck for things like backing up and aligning the trailer hitch. I may add a range finder to provide an alarm when I get too close or it may be mounted separately: I am not sure about that yet. Key idea here is the camera will be articulated so it can swing side to side and up and down to increase the coverage. Oh, and I have a cap on the truck bed so it would be mounted on the rear surface of that cap, which is vertical and basically flat: that makes it easier.

Anyway, I need a cover that is optically clear and that will allow the camera to "see" at least 90 degrees left to right and a similar amount up/down. The cover would completely cover the camera and the motor mechanism used to move it, thus protecting it from the elements and also curious hands. I envision a simple bracket bent at a right angle to provide the back and top of the mount so I need an idea for the cover to enclose the other four sides. I could cut four pieces of clear plastic intended for windows and glue them together, but there would be lines where they meet. Perhaps this is OK, I'm not sure. A one piece design would be better, but how? Could a clear sheet of plastic be formed by heat over a curved form and keep it's clear optical properties? Is there a source for transparent domes that could be cut down to fit? Or what? I need ideas.

If the cover could be transparent to ultrasonic sound waves that would also allow the rangefinder to work through it and I could mount it with the camera. Otherwise I may need multiple rangefinders but they would still need covers too.

I am in the early stages of this project so there is time. But I need an idea. Overall dimensions for the cover would be something like 6" wide, 2-3" high, and about 4" long (rough guesstimates). Vertical space is limited by the distance between the rear window hinge and the top of the cap. Width and length are more flexible.