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Thread: OT...I know there are guitar guys here (Les Paul question)

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    I found a good guy...I'll take you guys advice and go from there!
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    Please let us know what you find out! That should be an awesome guitar!

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    I had a Les Paul on loan for a couple of years- I think it was a '55 or so. Turns out it belonged to a good friend of mine before I got it, and he had to sell it when times were tough for him. Got basically nothing for it, but in pristine shape it apparently could be worth up to 20 gees. Last I heard the new owner ( the guy who lent it to me) had it reworked back to original condition, and he said it was worth 25 grand.

    When I had it, I had a couple of the strings shimmed up so it wouldn't buzz. A new nut would probably have fixed that.

    Speaking of Les Paul, last I saw he was still playing and loving it at age 80 +. He is, or was if he's passed, a very good and innovative guitar player himself, and quite an interesting guy.

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    You've already handed it over, but the first thing I would do it put it in an environment of 50% humidity for about a week and see if it straightens itself out. Electrics may not be as sensitive to humidity change as acoustics, but a couple of luthiers have told me that in the winter, re-humidifying is often the first and only thing they need to do to "repair" guitars brought in for playability problems.
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    Like Steve, I work in a music store also. You have neck adjustments and or bridge adjustments that need to be made and a good repairman can fix that.

    Les Pauls have a truss rod that goes through the neck that counteracts the pull of the strings to make the neck straight. Too much or little tension and things can buzz.

    Email me with any questions. Thanks--Mike.

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