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Thread: OT: Setting up a login website?

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    Default OT: Setting up a login website?

    Gentlemen, I know you think that all the lovely ladies I post pictures of with machines are at my place because of the machines but alas that is not so.

    They come to me and my place because of the horses. I have had a long and fruitful career with horses. I traveled and did as many as 40 riding clinics a year for many years. Now I want to stay home and enjoy my family and farm. The problem comes that the many horse people that I have helped over the years still want input from me. So I have been considering some form of a website with a registered user login such as on this website. This would give registered users access to me and my methods via videos and text. A very rudimentary forum type of setup.

    I might even charge a subscription fee of some sort to keep the rif raf away.

    I have checked around and done some research and have some ideas how it all could be handled but I know on this site there are some very savy guys regarding many different walks of life.

    So if any of you have any suggestions I am all ears.

    George if this thread is too far off topic than by all means just delete it!
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    If you are considering a hosting service may I suggest This is the company that hosts the site for the New England Model Engineering Society and has been very dependable over the past six (?) years since I started the site. I can count on one hand the number of times they have been down or that I have had a problem with them.

    They have sliding scale fee structure so the more space you think you will need for photos, text and video etc. the more it will cost. As to the sign in option I don;t know since our site is open to all.

    Best regards,
    Errol Groff

    New England Model Engineering Society

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    Most hosting services will provide a range of software packages, free of charge, for use on your website. Most of the content management packages will support user loginj.
    Wordpess is a very popular one.
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    Apache, which is the most widely used web server, has login facilities built in - if your site is relatively low traffic this words fine. You just need to create a file with user names and encrypted passwords using freely available more or less standard encryption software. If you are expecting upwards of hundreds of users this quickly becomes unmanageable and you'll want a back end database.

    However, this is all probably academic since you'll almost certainly be using some pre-written forum/gallery/guestbook/whatever software, which will already handle the user management. There's probably free open source software available for whatever you have in mind. See what existing software package out there is closest to what you think you want to do, and the login part will almost certainly be included.

    Do you need/want your site to be interactive and have input from your users, or will you simply be posting videos and articles for consumption? This is one of the first questions I'd be asking. The rest follow from there.
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    I knew it wasn't your good looks,machines or taste in cars, I thought about horses. Good luck with the website & please keep us posted on what you choose.
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