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    i have a chance to get a bridgeport mill from work no main motor though what would the cost be for a motor since the original was a 3 phase what type motor will work on it. i know you will probably need more details as to year and that but just figured i would hit you guys up here first. will be able to pick up this mill for the cost of scrap iron i am guessing it will be about 3000 pounds by looking at it but i will weigh it and get the year off of it to see if it is even worth me doing.

    i think has a 48x10 table on it. just guessing. i don't have 3 phase at home so wondered if i need to look at getting a 3 phase motor or can i go smaller so i can run on 220. could get a 3 phase converter.

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    Hi Frisky-Maddog:

    A number years ago I bought a 115/230, ĺ horse single phase motor from a Bridgeport Dealer in my area. It has never proved to be inadequate. In fact for years I only had one 115 volt, 15 amp outlet in my shop.

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    Daytona Beach is near us.

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    Agree - 3/4 hp would likely be plenty. Since you won't be pushing it to beat the clock (I assume), if you start to overload the motor you can always back off a bit.

    If 'twere me I would probably try to find a used 1hp 3 phase C-face (I think) motor and get a VFD to do the phase conversion and get variable speed. Used 3 phase motors are often pretty cheap.
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    The important thing is to know what head it has. Could be a M head but not likely, or a J head (step pulley machine) or a vari-speed head. All require different motors.

    A single phase conversion kit for a J head machine is approximately $500 which would include a Baldor 1-1/2 HP. No standard C face motor will fit without making an adapter plate. If you're missing the motor side pulley thats another $180 new. If you shop around you may be able to find a cheap C face motor with the extra long shaft and make your own adapter plate. Or just buy a used BP motor and spend the money on a VFD and get the best of both worlds.

    By the way a normal Bridgeport should be approximately 2200 lbs.

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    +1 for The 3-phase motor and VFD. For my money, the primo set-up is a J-head with 3-phase motor and a sensorless vector VFD. You will likely never need to move the belt once it is set up properly and there are no 2J pulley bushings and associated parts to wear out.


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    Actually I leave the Sensorless Vector function turned off on my BP with a VFD. I find when power tapping, the SV is so powerful that it will snap taps very easily. SV is nice to have, but not necessary on the mill. Taking a heavy cut on the lathe, it really shines!


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    it is a I series bridgeport with a 9x42 table and the know issues is that it should have a 2hp motor which is not included and the table when moving left and right does not track correctly it moves kind of crooked or sideways over the length i would guess 3/8". also they told me that the spline(forgot the word right now)(could it be quill) that goes up and down that holds the tooling should be replaced as it does get sticky at times they are guessing that it is bent just a fraction but i could not duplicate it when i was trying it.

    any suggestions now that i know what it is and what the problems are that are present.

    the table is level and stays level when tracking in all directions.

    they pulled the top off of one and put the top off of the one with the bottom off the other to make it perfect for our toolroom. so i got the worse of both ends if i want it all for scrap iron price if you guys can help point me in the correct direction and ideas for the top and bed.

    is there any place i should look to find the exact model of the head and overall model?

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