I wear glasses, as I suspect a lot of you do. For quite a while now I've been getting the lightweight plastic lenses with an anti-scratch coating. A couple of years ago the coating began to bubble and peel off the lenses. <insert bad words here> I assumed it was a defective batch of plastic in some way, the optician replaced the lenses, which were past the warranty period, for 25 bucks, and I thought all was well.

A few months ago the coating on the new lenses began to bubble and peel as well. <insert more bad words here> Since I needed an eye exam anyway, I went to a different doctor and optician. While I was there I explained what was going on. The optician asked me if I worked with any solvents, especially acetone. I immediately thought of spray painting, which puts a mist of paint and solvents into the air. Since even the fumes are supposed to be enough to cause a problem, spray painting seemed to be a very likely culprit.

I don't know for sure, of course, but I think I'll take precautions the next time I use a spray can.

Have any of you experienced anything similar?