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Thread: Time to start the Double Rifle Project, or is it?

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    Question Time to start the Double Rifle Project, or is it?

    OK now I went and did it.. Found a pair of 45 cal. Adam and Bennett barrels (F99 countour which is pretty much 1/20" straight). Then a buddy had a "wall hanger" double shotgun which turned out to be a 12 ga JP Claybrough with
    28" damascus tubes. It's a little rough but not bad, it is all there for the most part and it locks up tight. Cost me all of a $50 bill to get it.

    So the plan is to:
    Chop the shotgun barrels to 24"
    Turn the barrel blanks to go into the shortened shotgun barrels which
    includes turning one end to the same dimension as a 12 ga shell.
    Chamber the barrels in 45/70
    Cut extractor slots and make extrators to work with the shotgun extractor bar.
    Thread the other end and make caps that will seat against the muzzle of each shotgun barrel.
    Re-bush the holes in the action for the firing pins.
    Turn down the current firing pins to fit the new bushing.
    Make up a set of express sigts and attach them to the rib.
    refinish the stock.

    Barrels would slide in from the back and the caps would go on the front to hold the barrel in place. These front caps would have the threads cut slightly off center (a few thou.) to allow me to regulate the barrels.

    Finally I may have my english style double rifle in 45-70. I know I can't hotrod the loads but it should be good for any of the cast bullet loads out there I would think. The modern steel barrels should eliminate any issues with the damascus tubes that are hiding them. The face of the action is at least 0.25 to 0.375 inch thick so there is plenty of meat there.... And a hammer gun to boot....

    OK any thoughts????


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    Sounds like a great project and has got me thinking (I really don't need anymore projects on the go right now ). I look forward to seeing it progress.

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    You might try here for more information.

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    Please post photos of your progress----please!


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    I will try and post pics as it progress, will try to get some as soon as the barrels show up of the entire group of parts.

    Rolland, thank you for the suggestion, I have picked up someones book on building double rifles usings double shotguns as a base, might even be this very book. I have read it a number of times as this project has been in works for some time now. Just awaiting the "moons to align" and when the Claybrough dropped into my lap I knew it was an omen....

    Thanks & stay tuned... I have few other projects I need to polish off before getting too deep in this on so it might be a few weeks...


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    Damascus hammer gun, sounds scary. I hope it has some lockup lugs that can take the push. Like more than one...Make sure nobody loads it with hot 45-70 loads. Maybe label it Blackpowder Only. I did a 45-100 double with Adams and Bennet, but I used a Merkel 12 ga frame that was proofed at 30,000 psi in 1970. Has the Greener crossbolt for a 3rd lockup. has a bunch of 12 ga German shotguns, some as cheap as $350, all with the Greener lockup.

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    xs, the original barrel would not be containing much if any pressure. Take a look at the Marlin's barrel dimensions are about the same as the inserts that DonT is looking at using inside a 12 ga. bore and chamber. If the barrels lock up properly and the solder joints are sound, and the firing pin hole in the standing breech is properly bushed, I don't see any problems with this conversion that would keep me up at night.

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    Not worried about the barrels, but the breech lockup has to be able to take the push. All of these double gun frames were made out of low carbon steel, and then case hardened. If the barrels rattle around after test firing, then the lockup is N/G. Called "Off Face" in double gun jargon. The way you test a double for tightness, is to remove the foreend, turn the gun upside down, push the locking lever over, and shake. If it rattles, the hinge pin or frame has been stretched.

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    Its ALL about Back Thrust. If this isn't completely understood, I suggest lots more research. Or tie vit to a tire and use a string to fie it......

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    Try the forum as they have a section for homemade double rifles. And the third greener cross bolt for lockup is used in a lot of them. I think there is a thread there that sort of lists what things in a shotgun you should have before even considering making up a double rifle from a shotgun. As well as some suggested shotguns to use. Frank

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