A typical Texan was visiting a fellow rancher in Australia and was in the process of touring the man's ranch. He asked, "How much land do you have on this spread?"
The Aussie replied, "Oh! I guess about 50 acres."
The Texan replied, "Well I guess that's a nice little stump farm."
Back came the Aussie with, "And how much land do you have back in Texas?.
"A little over 50,000 acres, " came the reply.
And so it went, everything the Aussie said was put down until he finally quit talking.
Luck came his way that afternoon when a kangaroo hopped across the road in front of their vehicle. This led the Texan to exclaim," What the hell was that?.
Instantly the Aussie tried to get revenge by answering in a condescending voice, "What, haven't you got field mice in Texas?.
Once again the Texan outwitted him by saying, Well sure, but I guess I never seen a baby one before."