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Thread: Question: Would you stop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiddZimaHater
    What was this thread about again?

    Turds and panties....I think...

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    was there ever an answer to the original riddle/question?
    Paul A.

    Make it fit.
    You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!

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    Default Answer?

    Not yet. I think Patch just likes jerking our chain. I'm done with this one.

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    Just when I heard soap opeas went out of style; Tune in for next weeks edition of "As the stomach turns so does the days of our lives".
    You can lead people to knowledge but you can't make them think.
    "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." George Patton
    "I don't believe in a government that protects us from ourselves".
    Ronald Reagan

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    "My guess is that the store with the mannequin bent over with a large pie tin, is promoting gold panning. This would be the metal relationship the OP referred to.
    Either that or that little pink pantied mannequin likes eating big pies. "

    Damn! I gotta get new glasses - I read the original post as TIE PIN!

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    Dragging this out is kinda getting to be a PITA.

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    yea baby, ya made it

    Well, as the words of the little tune tells, It's not a T-Bird, but I
    will be taking the car away from my daughter.

    Tink and I have decided to get her a new one as a graduation
    present. That's right folks, five years at college and she's graduating
    this week with a double major, English and Drama, and in the top two
    percent of the graduating class.

    She plans to teach secondary schooling and script write for the movie and
    media advertising industries.

    Yey girl, you made it.

    Right now I'm suffering from an overzealous ego in her accomplishment.
    I'm happy for her, totally excited, and crying all at the same time.

    From here, her boyfriend, a fine young man, will be packing up my
    little girls' personal effects and together they will move to the
    State of Kansas and be married this coming fall.

    Damn, I miss her already.

    My schedule for the following few weeks will be a bit radical with
    much to do.
    I will present my last page of the thread upon my return.

    ** ** **

    Tho the thread was never meant to be a guessing game, as I intended
    only to cover three areas to its' entirety upon completion, a few of
    you have uncovered a few facts in its' disclosure.

    You are correct, there are a few there, and Thank-you.

    You are correct; "in part", it is about gold panning but, there is more
    unrevealed relating to the metal. You may find another clue in post#21.

    Good job.

    ** ** **
    In my abstance, you that wish to, may resume your rock throwing.
    It will give me something to laugh at when I return.
    (little rocks I hope)

    Come on now Millie, It's only a small lathe and I promise
    it won't take our precious time away from each other.

    All the best,

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    Although at times as we try to build something the outcome may
    not always be as successful as we hoped it would be. Yet, we
    learn something. We did not fail.
    The only time a man truely fails is when he gives up trying.

    click please

    A little about the crew, my friends.

    ..There are four men to the crew plus myself and Sun. Johnny and
    Allen are senior in time with twenty five years. Joe at twenty
    three and Rick at nineteen years.

    ..Rick was an oddity when we first saw him. With each passing
    day as the crew and I were framing up a home and standing walls,
    he would arrive on a motorbike, sit at the properties edge, and
    watch us about four hours each day. He was like a yoyo, up and down
    all the time and when he couldn't see what we were doing with clarity
    would pull out a pair of binocs for a better view. This went on for
    about a week when curiosity got the best of me and I asked
    what he was doing.
    He told me he had just finished a two year AAS program in building
    technologies and was watching how the crew built a house. Something
    at that time he had no hands on experience. He wasn't hard to figure
    out as his plan was to learn a bit by watching how a crew interacts
    before approaching an employer for work. Telling him I had no problem
    with his watching and as long as he didn't interfere he was welcome.
    I mentioned to the crew what he was doing.

    ..Into the next week there he was again taking note.
    During a lunch break at midweek the guys and I talked a bit about him.
    We all laughed at each other as one by one recalled how each became
    part in our unity. We had pretty much surmised as we joked that
    the lads focus was on us and when he got the courage would probably ask
    if we were looking for an additional hand.

    click please

    ..At weeks end,Saturday, Tink and I went to see my parents. It was nice.
    Mother was in the kitchen with one of my sisters and together were
    canning fruit. My father said he was busy in the shop making repairs to
    the CASE tractor and that we could talk as he worked.
    In conversation I told him about the fellow watching us work each day
    and in the same breath said I think I'm going to expand the company
    and take a new direction.

    Any advice I asked of him..

    Father put his tools down and said lets talk about it. Pull your stool
    up he said as he was on the IC asking mother to bring us a cup of coffee.

    Basicly in few words, I told him I was on stable ground, able to
    meet payroll and expenses, had a reserve set aside, and was comfortable
    in my decisions.

    ..My father got up from his stool, lit his pipe and walked around the
    tractor a few times before sitting down again.
    "He asked if I remembered when he decided to do something with the south
    field and plant cotton. I told him I damn sure do, you nailed my butt
    to that tractor seat and for weeks had me plowing up turf. Well, it
    made him laugh. He said, at the time he and mother had a little savings
    and was faced with a similiar situation. He had the equipment to
    get the ground in order and plant the first crop. What he didn't have
    was the machinery to harvest and would probably need to contract
    the picking".

    ..That said, he got up, went to the tractor and asked if I would help
    him set the final drive. It didn't take long, thirty minutes at best.
    He said he could take care of the rest on the next day and right now
    mother had supper ready for us.
    ..On the way back I asked why he told me what he did and what wasn't
    he telling me.
    He stopped walking and asked what I saw next to the barn.
    I said I see the 499 picker and the rood.
    He said what you are looking at is what mother and I decided to do
    with all our savings.
    Even tho your mother and I were a little worried about spending the money
    she told me to buy the equipment. As we began to walk, he said,

    "Patch, I can't tell ya what roads you need to cross but, if
    ya want to grow your company or a cotton field invest your time and
    savings in yourself and crew and not others".

    Later that evening as Tink and I headed home conversation was flowing
    over our visit. Half way back she fell asleep, and for the balance of
    the drive, I was left in thought.

    click please

    Monday: we were back on the job and sure enough there was Rick sitting
    on his motorbike at the properties edge.

    ..We begin each Monday over a cup of coffee. I give the guys a few minutes to
    clown over their past weekend and then layout the weeks work at hand.
    Following this, I told them I was planning to change direction in a few areas.
    With the changes it would secure our position, prevent down time,
    increase hourly wages and allow a little more time to enjoy life as we worked.
    It would also mean the additional hiring of one more crew.

    These changes were by far the best that ever could have happened.

    ..At the close of the days work Rick was still there. The guys were retreating into
    their travel homes and I was walking about the job. Still at some distance from
    Rick as I was overlooking I saw him get up and walk toward me. He shook my hand
    and thanked me for allowing him to watch. "I said, does this mean your leaving us"?
    He said he hoped not and asked if we could talk. He filled me in on why he only
    stayed four hours each day; he had an afternoon part-time job. Then he
    began to talk of his schooling. I could see it all coming. He asked if there was an
    opening for work with the company.

    I told him the guys and I had talked about putting on another man and it could
    be possible.
    He asked, "would you hire me?"

    I said "no".

    "You've seen and watched the guys working their butts off each day you come by.
    Those guys are pretty damn special, they are working for each other and in turn
    with me".

    I said, "Rick, I'm the man that will let a person go but, that bunch of guys you
    watched are the ones you'll need to speak with about gettting hired. They're
    the ones you'll be working with each day and if they feel you don't fit in they
    will tell me. Now, in the event you make it I can assure you twenty years if
    you decide to stay on".
    I told him to come by tomorrow and wait until their lunch break before asking.
    I also said, for your own sake when speaking to them not to say "house" because
    they would fire back and say, "a house is what others build, we build homes".

    ..The following day the guys spoke with him. After the lunch hour passed Rick came
    to me and told me what they talked about. He said they didn't say yes or no but
    said he needed to come back next Monday for a few tests they had planned.
    He had his back to the guys as he was speaking to me and didn't see that each
    crew had and arm raised.
    I shook his hand, wished him luck and we'd see him back in several days.

    ..Monday arrives and there's Rick at the edge once again. The guys waved him in.
    We had our coffee as I outlined the weeks' work. Finishing this I told them I'd be
    gone most of the day and to be gentle. While away, Rick worked with the guys
    during his four hours. They gave him instruction and answered questions he had.
    The guys were given the chance to know him during this time.
    Upon completion of his four hours he asked the guys what they thought. They told
    him he did pretty good but would need to come back the next Monday to work a
    full day and that I would be there to watch and judge his performance.

    ..Later that evening the guys and I spoke of Rick. They said he took instruction
    well, was very alert to the surroundings and was always smiling, humming and
    sometimes singing. Rick had a great personality the guys said and Johnny mentioned
    he was easy to work with.

    ..The third morning I asked Johnny to join me. We were headed for a flying
    trip into the city where he was to pick up a few things from a list I
    gave him and to drive back with a new service truck.

    Over the weekend the guys and I set the service truck up with a generator,
    compressor and ladder racks. Things from the list. We also set up a small
    10x camp tent and outfitted the insides with a few basic needs to survive

    click please

    ..Monday arrives: Couldn't ask for a better day. There was a slight breeze
    blowing and the temperature was a cool sixty-five degrees. The aroma of the
    early breakfast of bacon and browns still filled the air.
    When Rick arrived he parked his bike at the properties edge and walked over.
    Joe told him to take a minute and bring it in and to put it next to the
    service truck.
    It wasn't funny but it was, Rick comes back toting a canvas bag filled with
    a few tools he'd picked up. You know, a hammer and a rule, a small triangle
    square and a chalkline, he had two pencils in his pocket and in his back
    pockets he had them stuffed with hard candy and cookies to eat while working.
    He didn't bring a lunch.
    ..I called the crew together and went over the few things needing attention
    to close off the previous weeks work. The next weeks work was all air time.
    Trusses and gables, barges and sheathing.

    With the little prep talk over, Rick asked what's first? Joe and Allen said
    the first thing he needed to do was to go over to the service truck and get
    out the tool belt and pouches for the tools he'd brought. Joe gave him a key.
    Everyone stopped what they were doing.

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    Patch Guest


    We all watched as he opened each cabinet looking for the belt. When he couldn't
    find it he decided to look into the cab. Sure enough, there it was on the
    floorboard. He also found the key he was given didn't open the cab.
    Returning to the guys he said the belt was inside the cab and couldn't get the
    door open with the key he was given. The guys said they'd better take a look.
    Joe said," damn, he's right, the key won't open the door". Allen pointed out
    the door had paper tape on it and said it looked like the key was under it.
    He told Rick to remove the tape. We watched him carefully remove some of the
    tape to retrieve the key and then a few minutes more as he removed the rest.
    Under the tape he saw his name painted on the door. He just stood there a
    few moments with both of his hands on the door looking at his name. When
    he turned around he was all soggy faced and his eyes were tightly closed.
    As he opened his eyes to see us standing there he began to give us each
    a hug and said, thank-you and he wouldn't let us down.
    At least we thought that's what he said.
    The guys told him he passed all his tests.
    Johnny said, "hey Misty, I need another hug".

    Strange as it was,
    For a minute I thought it was Sunday as after the service our Pastor would
    always stand at the rear of the church and as we left would give us all hugs
    and say "Go in peace and serve the Lord". Geeze, it gave us all a good feeling.

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