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Thread: Gentlemen

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    Was it this board where some Young Turk turned up with a question that turned out to be a request for the board to do his homework for him?

    I don't recall if some dear soul actually did?


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    I'm pretty sure it/there was.

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    While there may be the odd person post with some nefarious purpose in mind, I think that for the most part it's decent people. There is a wide range in the level of knowledge that people have, and it's often not easy to give an answer appropriate to that level. The more a person knows about a subject, the harder it often is for that person to give an answer on the right level for the asker to understand. This is an age-old phenomenon which I, for one, have been aware of pretty much since I asked my first question (which was probably 'why daddy?' . At any rate, my point is that as we continue to be aware of this, we can more easily tolerate what might otherwise become frustration when dealing with other people and their questions.

    There is a wide range of highly skilled people who post here, some broadly skilled and some very specialized, and some who are rank newcomers. There is also a wide range in the maturity level in all these categories. This is not meant to slight anybody- rather I find it interesting in my ongoing lifelong study of human nature. There's something about accepting these differences in people that make it easier to abide them. I rarely find a need to get all fussed up about any of it- in fact it's counterproductive for the individual who does.

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    I think i know you lot fairly well now, a question for the mathematical experts, etc is like a UV lamp to a bug, i'm just the same BTW!, cant resist a puzzle, they are entertaining though. how about an identify this too.
    Homework would be easy to get help with here, thats the nature of this site and the people that inhabit it, i think thats an asset myself, people that will help, rare

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weston Bye
    <sigh> You guys. Perhaps this is one of the things that is off-putting to newcomers to the BBS. Even if not intended, the message comes through something like this:

    "You need to be educated to be here, not here to be educated."
    Most successful forums have a lifespan.

    When they are born and up to the early maturity phase, there is an initial interest and people come and go as the board settles into its niche.

    When it matures, there is a core group of people who post and are willing to help newbies any way they can. During this time most of the important topics that relates to the board are covered in detail and the knowledge base is built.

    In its waning years, more and more off topic discussions are started as the the members get tired of answering the same questions over and over again. That is when the inevitable phrase: "This topic has been covered numerous times in the past. Use the search function to find the answer to your question." creeps in and alienates a lot of new posters.

    This board shows signs of the last phase but by and large there is still a lot of good people here and a lot of relevant information is still being shared. Let's not lose sight of that like so many other boards have done in the past.
    "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is." Winston Churchill

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