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    Picked up a 6" Srarrett level/base wih 2 vials but must be very old as no markings except the name & address, only 2 lines & tiny bubbles, nickle plated, looks like a 98-6,very nice shape, I like this!
    Toolmaking book by Markhem, Given 1917 American Techncal Society Copyrighted 1916 w/great illustrations.

    3- Machinery's Handbooks, 6th edition by the Industrial Press Owner was class of '41, 7th edition by McGraw-Hill, And a thin 3rd edition dated 1920 & shows 1st edition was 1908. This one has only 758 pages and drawings of many machines, where the other 2 have 1387 & 1592 pgs. The 7th having gold edges & labled thumb indents.
    Library of practical Electricity 3rd edition 1933.
    Conduit Bending 1939 & a woodworking book.
    All above for $10.

    And a as new 2ton Jet Chainfall $80. Too much but I have the matching 5 ton & trolley in as new condition also.
    Pics if required, but not tonight as I can't put down the Toolmaker book & the M-H 3 ed as I can look at the pictures.LOL!
    Slow day at the office!

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    Geez, you KNOW we always need pics!!

    Don't keep us waiting, we get cranky if we have to wait too long!!!

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