I'm not a flea market shopper, but once in a while, my wife talks me into going to one. We've been to 2 flea markets in the last 3 years. At both, I stumbled across a large box of American made morse taper drill bits. These apparently don't sell we'll because no one can figure out how to use them in their cordless drill. Anyhow, today's score was a large box of easily over 100 drills, ranging from smallish to 1" in morse 1&2 taper. Plus some reamers. Guy wanted 50 cents a piece, but took $10 for the whole box. Some are worthless, but many are new or almost new. (I also got a nice old, but never used condition, dial type 0-175 lbs torque wrench. $30)

So, I now have a pretty big collection of these large bits. I don't want them just banging around in a pile in a drawer, but I obviously don't have an index large enough for all of them. So I'm just curious how you creative folks are storing these things.