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Thread: What size collet?

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    Default What size collet?

    I have an Enco Taiwanese 12X36 lathe from the 80's.
    It's very similar to the Grizzly and others that were common then.
    I'm new to machining (this is my first lathe) so my question is how can I determine what collet that I can use with this lathe?
    I see 5C collets appear to be common and quite inexpensive. I have some small end milling to do and from the videos I've seen holding the end mill in the collet is the best way to do it.


    Here is the lathe picture:
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    Your lathe is much like a JET 1024. Post #4 in this old thread might help.

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    Yessir, 5C is what you need.
    My Enco 1024 is a smaller cousin to yours, most likely, made in 1985. I had a 12x24 of the same vintage last winter and it had the same spindle.
    I was fortunate in that my 1024 came with a Hardinge 5C chuck that screws onto the spindle like any other chuck. It closes with a handwheel. These are expensive.
    Less expensive 5C chucks use a chuck key to open and close, which I think would work just as well.

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