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Thread: Shilen Help Needed

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    Default Shilen Help Needed

    Found this under my uncles toolbox covered with 25 years of swarf dirt and dust.
    Shilen DGA 642 . 220 swift . Enins Tx. Hart 7-78 SHS.
    No bolt handle.No stock. Frozen solid.
    I need teardown instructions. Exploded {no pun intened}view or any advice please.
    Thanks in advance.************Gator***********************

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    Shilen is still in business right down the road from me. DGA is their action it was built on, and is discontinued. . Maybe they could still provide some info on it.

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    There's probably an overloaded expanded case in the chamber, and the bolt handle broke off trying to open the bolt. You could try removing the barrel, if you have a barrel and action vise, with the rounded inserts, to keep from bunging up the finish. Some heat and Kroil soaking might be needed too. Sending it to Shilen will be the best bet, because they will need to weld on a new handle, anyway.

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