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Thread: Waay OT My halloween Heart attack

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    Ok - for what it's worth here's what has turned things around for me but it took time to do so - it's my belief that it also took lots of time to get out of balance so it figures that you cannot spin things around on a dime - there is no magic pill for what we do to ourselves, you don't slap muther nature in the face day in and day out for decades and then expect her to be nice to you - disobeying simple rules of proper biological function has it's consequences...

    I would also like to say that although I made leaps and bounds I don't feel like im completely out of the woods and also don't think I "have all the answers" - Good ole ma nature seems to also be in ka-hoots with murphy's law in the fact that the second you think you have it kicked you will then be receiving your arss on a platter shortly after, so im not cocky when it comes to good health, that being said I believe there are some very important fundamentals that we have forgot about in our modern society and I have listed them down below...

    #1; raw/live food VS cooking,
    food is alive - it's teaming with enzymes, enzymes are needed for life (and proper digestion) , without internal enzyme activity we would die within seconds. the average enzyme perishes at just 117 degree's F,
    Humans are the only species on the planet that applies heat to their food before they eat it, we also suffer from thousands of different ailments mostly because of ignoring how we got here in the first place, cook only what you must.

    #2; Proper meal combining - certain foods go well with others and digest properly - others don't,
    this is not theory - it's fact,
    we "own" a multitude of various digestive secretions - some of which are completely incompatible,
    combining both animal proteins and starches (meat and potatoes - a typical hamburger - fish and chips)
    creates a situation where one secretion ( HC acid to digest the meat) is neutralized by another (high alkaline ptyalin to digest the starch) This leaves the meal to putrefy inside us... bad practice that will not only make you feel bad for the moment but if continued will result in serious health consequences...

    #3; Fasting - fasting should be the norm - I covered as to why in the previous post, it also gives the digestive system a break and allows it to heal and allows the body to cleanse itself.

    #4; Alkalizing - eating foods that alkalize the body - whole raw fruits and Vegetables (but not at the same time - bad meal combining practice)
    Our modern day diets are extremely acidic - our blood PH has to remain at a constant or we die - we will literally rob calcium from our very own bones to buffer our blood PH if our diet does not include enough alkalizing substance... If your eating whole raw fruits and vegetables your already alkalizing,
    Contrary to popular belief we are not carnivores - we have close to 3 times the length of intestines in comparison to a true carnivore - we secrete only 1/10 the HC acid that a true carnivore does...

    That's why humans who eat meat allot are at extreme high risk of getting colon cancer - for one we don't have the capabilities to fully digest it in the first place - and two it sits in us and rots long after a true carnivore would have expelled it...

    Like it or not we started out the same as the great apes and they for the most part are frugivores, we also share near identical digestive secretions and intestinal length.

    #5; exercise and stress management, this one speaks for itself...

    I do believe all the above are important - personally iv been at this so long now that if I get lax on any one of these I will start to pay a price for it,
    so - for what it's worth I wish you all well.. and if you have something constructive to add that would be great too...

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    I'm in agreement with you A. K. Those little critters inside me are total pests when they are constantly sending signals to my brain.
    Like that little devil on one's shoulder saying, "Go ahead and eat it - you'll feel better!".

    I could tell you some unbelievable stories when fasting often, once for up to 19 days.....water only. And yet remaining an active participant in the physical work force.
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    Wow im on awe - I only made it 8 days and had to have a very free work week,

    it's funny how I thought I was going to die the first day though and now I just forget to eat for that long sometimes,,,

    ha - I know all about those voices - old GF would bring home a massive cake and then Id hear her the next day - where is it ? I only got one sliver of a piece - what did you do with it? urp - I don't feel good...

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