My 7(4 days away from 8yr old) lil girl and I did a small project.

I had a SSCII servo controller and some old futaba servos. A old halloween gorilla mask, and I bought some "frog" eyes from the hobby store.. Plus some tape, stainless rod and hot glue..

Hope you enjoy the pictures, The frame was bent by hand, I started out measuring it and marking with felt tip, then I noticed my eye was calibrated to 1/16th so I just started bending by eye.. It ain't perfect, but still fun.

I did the welding, let her tape on the servos with help, I made the rods, mounted the eyes and wrote the software in Visual basic to talk 232 to the SSCII.

It works, I put buttons on the VB screen for each movement, eyes, rt, left, cross, up and down, and the chin works up and down.

IT needs, some great stuff foam to anchor/shape the head. That with some straight pins to hold the mask on..

How do you keep a kid interested? She played with it for about thirty minutes after the build was done, now back to cartoons..

Whoo hoo.. I got her a week, taking her and the mother in law on the honeymoon. Leaving the monkey at home thou...