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Thread: Posting Photos and Starting Threads

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    I suggest a few additional requirements for starting threads:
    1/ Make sure the title is related to the content so that people and search engines can find it in future. "newbie with question" is not a valid title.
    2/ Provide full information about the job, the problem, and your equipment - don't assume we are telepathic and can divine most of the information
    3/ Check back twice a day if you asked a question and indicate you have read the advice. There is nothing more annoying that some one posting a question and not bothering to reply for weeks, if at all.
    4/ Don't bother to start a thread if you have been drinking.

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    To answer questions about difficulty inserting full-size images into posts:

    1. DRAG: Open the image in a new window by clicking on the link. If it opens a new tab, you can drag that tab elsewhere to get a new window. Resize the windows so you can see both the image and the post you are editing in HSM. Click (and hold) the left mouse button (LMB) on the image, and drag it to the post. The cursor will show a "+". Release the LMB and "Viola!" the image is there in full size.

    2. COPY/PASTE: Open the image in a new window by clicking on the link. Right-click on the image, and select "Copy Image". It is now in the clipboard. Go back the the post you are editing, put the cursor where you want it, and right-click "Paste", or use Ctrl-V. Done!

    It seems to be not necessary to shrink large images for the forum, although it might make loading faster if you have a slow connection. The large image will appear to be too large for the page when you insert it into the editor, but it will appear as full page width when submitted and viewed.

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