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Thread: Dorian SD40CA Quick change toolpost

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    Default Dorian SD40CA Quick change toolpost

    Any one know how to disassemble a Dorian SD40CA quick change tool post?

    Picked up one from a local machine shops small tools bin the other day.

    This one is not the sliding wedge type.
    It has a two small , for lack of a better term, tabs that protrude at the dovetails and appear to be operated by the internal cam mechanism but they only move out about1/16" or less and will not lock a tool holder inplace.

    Ive taken the center stud, that locks it to the cross slide, out and been able to remove the center hollow shaft with a made pin wrench. But cannot figure out how to get out the cam assembly.

    I have another that is the sliding wedge type and it came apart by simply unscrewing each part. If memory serves it is an Armstrong.

    No such luck with this one.

    Any one have one of these apart that can guide a newbie?

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    Early this morning i figured it out.
    I could barely make out the internal slot that allows 90deg movement of adjustment handle so with a shot in the dark i popped off the metal tag, which exposed a recessed allen head set screw. Removed that but still had to use a brass wedge to pop the cam assembly loose. The O ring seal was covered in gunk.
    Cleaned the inner cam assembly, polished the two retaining tabs , oiled everything up and reassembled.
    Works like new.
    Now i will need to make a handle for the locking mechanism.
    Already have an armstrong of the same size on my Hendey, so i'll probably take it back to the machine shop.
    If they dont want or need it i will just keep it as a spare.

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