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    Post PVC Turning

    Greetings and Salutations from Dixie.
    Anyone have a suggestion on tool design for turning PVC using 1/4" HSS?

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    I make quite a few things from PVC. I use my bits sharpened for aluminum, high rake. Biggest thing about PVC is figuring out ways to hold it securely. I use core plugs for tubing for instance.
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    PVC isn't particular. I have used a wood lathe and wood turning tools successfully for making vacuum hose adapters.

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    Keep a knife handy for getting rid of the stringy chips. They're static charged and tend to wrap around anything close by.

    I made the bearing support/end caps for the motor on this little winch from PVC. It's easy and fun to work with.

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    I do a bit of plastic (Delrin, PVC, Teflon)turning. More at work than at home. I use a carbide insert with a .010" nose radius. On HSS I would oilstone a slight radius on the nose of the tool. A slight radius plus coolant/lubricant, will improve surface finish. Typically running in the 800-1,000 RPM range using a meduim feed rate. Turning for any significant length, without support, may cause "springing" resulting in variations on O.D. Chucking as close as possible or using a follower rest may help eliminate this condition. As others have mentioned PVC is very easy to work, No special tools required. It can tend to get gummy, especially if it starts to get warm. I use coolant/lubricant whenever possible. Another trick I have used occasionally is depending upon the DOC, is to score the O.D. before turning. Though not always, it can at times, help with chip breaking.
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    Thanks Guys.
    As always your help is 2nd to none.

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