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Thread: Burdick Open Quick Change Tool Post

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    Default Burdick Open Quick Change Tool Post

    This thread started my quest for a quick change tool post design:

    I settled on a derivative of the Norman Patent Tool Post, similar to the one documented here:
    A well-documented inch-based design is here:

    To help share my design I started a GitHub repository under a Cern Open Hardware license:

    The repo will eventually contain drawings with proper GD&T and documentation.

    The repo currently contains models for:
    25mm diameter post
    50mm diameter base
    0.25in turning and facing holder
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    I made a bunch of those and they've served me well for years. Add a handle to each tool holder for quicker changes and repositioning. You can also add another tool holder slot if you have a blind threaded hole.

    I tried the bottom indexing plate but never found it very useful.

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