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    Post lablond lathe

    finally got my lablond lathe delivered. It's been raining here for two weeks. anyone out there have a faceplate for it I believe the taper is a L02 but not sure looking for a plate from 36 to 44 inches any help would be apreciated.
    thanks mike

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    How did your wife handle it? did you get it
    down the basement stairs?

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    BillH Guest


    Are you going to use it for turning tank barrels?

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    I was asked to turn the drive wheels for a narrow gage steam engine at our local museum they even offered to keep it in there engine shop.

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    My LeBlond (19") has a 4 jaw which can double
    as a faceplate by removing the jaws. It had tee slots. You may look for a chuck like this.
    I believe it's also a LeBlond chuck.


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    I thought I saw a 48", 4 jaw on E-Bay a month or so ago. Don't know if it sold or not.

    Paul A.

    Paul A.

    Make it fit.
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