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Thread: Ideas for tangential cutter tool holder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dp View Post
    Was just flipping through the adverts of the newest HSM mag and came onto this announcement. Joe Rice makes a popular version of the Diamond Toolholder and he's just retired. Sold the business to Village Press on the way out. Page 65 for the curious. When did that happen?
    The toolholders can be seen on the VP website:
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    I am more then a little old-fashioned I suppose, but even though I do like the design - as well as some very good machining of it as shown here - I prefer my old "tried and true" "off-hand" tool shape and sharpening on my common old pedestal grinder to get the results I want.

    This is by no means a criticism of the tangential tool holder as it very obviously works and works well for some here who actually use it and like it.

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