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Thread: Ideas for tangential cutter tool holder?

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    Default Ideas for tangential cutter tool holder?

    I'm looking at putting together a tangential tool holder to suit Norman Patent style QCTP systems, primarily this one:

    Here's the design I've come up with:

    A few disadvantages I can see right from the start: The front face of the holder has a 12 degree angle with respect to the back face. The slot for the holder has a similar 12 degree angle, but should be much easier to accomplish, as it's just a 0.25 inch slot.

    Here's what I'm curious about: I'm looking at securing the tool in the slot with a large conical washer for a flat face M4 socket head cap screw. The slot will be ever so slightly less than the width of the tool. I don't think it will be enough, but I'm not sure.

    I'm wondering if anyone has a better idea for accomplishing this.
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