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    Does anyone know of an alternative to the TM2000 lens for gas welding aluminum. I used one today and it is nice, but if there is an alternative at less than the $110 - $115 that the lens alone costs then I'd like to know of it. The Cobalt blues have been banned by OSHA for long term exposure I hear, and they don't work quite as well as the TM2000.

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    Did you check out the tinman welding site? I've used an old set of blue lenses for that why I'm blind now? These came from a Canadian company. They where discontinued years ago but I found a pair in a shop in Quebec for $5. I'd like to try that TM 2000 lenses but mine has worked ok for me.
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    Hi Torker,
    Yes, I did, thanks. He (Kent White - the Tinman) is the seller of the TM2000. They do work *very* well in my opinion but *gulp* $110 just for the piece of glass?
    I thought that the Henrob people did a cheaper version - at least that's what Jim Spratley (the Henrob guy) had claimed, but I don't see anything on their website and so far he hasn't returned my email.
    I don't think my wife would be too thrilled to give me a 2 1/2 x 4" piece of glass for my birthday but.......

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