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Thread: Shim for barrel timing?????

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    Assuming you have a coil spring High Wall, I don't see why the barrel has to be set up so tight that it squeaks. The Stevens 44 1/2 rifles were designed to be taken down by unscrewing the barrel by hand, with only a setscrew to maintain index, and they were well respected for their accuracy. I have several, and can confirm that they are inherently accurate. I set up my barrels so that it takes only about 1/4 of a flat (12 degrees) from finger tight to fully indexed. Torque needed is two hands and a firm grip. Never use a wrench on them. I should admit that I am shooting relatively small cartridges in them, (.22 Hornet, .22-3000 Lovell), or soft loads in the .32-40 and .32 Ideal.

    I'd have no qualms about using Loctite on your High Wall.

    The flat spring High Walls I think are a different animal. There, the barrel/receiver joint is being continually flexed by the hammer spring. I'd set those up very tight.
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    Yep, had the same problem with my Sharps build, all nicely fitted and head spaced but a .020" gap between action and barrel, So made up a .025" washer and snugged it up tight, no problems. Homebrew.357.

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    Hi folks, thanks for the replies and advice! Sorry about the late response but I have been out of circulation for the last several months dealing with a severe back injury but I am up and around now and anxious to finish this project.

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    Blue Locktite is your friend!

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