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Thread: long-term rust protection of bare metal

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    A couple of years ago, I had one of my metal Butler buildings painted; the contractor sandblasted the entire thing. The operator wasn't real close-up, but he was definitely using sand, not other media. As far as I can see, there was no warpage.

    There's a fella up the road who restores antique gas pumps, maybe I'll just take the parts to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed_h View Post
    That's pretty graphic talk. Yet I've done quite a few with no bad results. As an operator, I don't think I "really know my stuff". I'm just this schmuck who, not knowing any better, sandblasts a lot of exterior car panels with pretty darn good results.


    Not going to get into a pissing contest here but what I have said is a well known fact to most body repairmen, the examples I gave are far more common than the successful cases but rather than argue I will just agree with you. Yeah, everyone that might want to do this go ahead, this guy says all the folks who know better are wrong and soda blasters are around for no reason, if someone thinks it's safe to sandblast the type of parts I mentioned then go ahead but remember you were warned!

    I found this first one particularly interesting, MartinSr is a professional restorer and auto body tech in California that I know personally, this guy REALLY knows his stuff and does show winning work!

    Here are a few guys who have warped even tractor parts, (as I did myself once).

    A great many inks and literally thousands of horror stories out there but true to form any time someone posts a warning about something there will always be a few who will yell "Aw Pooh it ain't so", well it's unfortunately very true and also well known. Although I clearly said it CAN be done and has been depending on several factors, the shape and type of metal, operator skill and a great deal of just plain luck but anyone who thinks my warning is baseless then go ahead and try it, you have been warned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by radkins View Post have been warned.
    Yup, that we have.

    For just a little more, you can do it yourself!

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