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Thread: Special Lathe belt grinder

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    na... that would be too easy. And it's way too hard to find metric shafting in a hardware store, still.

    I hate it too. Have bunch of inch-inner bearings on stuff.

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    Default Screws are NEVER nominal size

    Quote Originally Posted by metalmagpie View Post
    Roller skate bearings are 308, 8mm ID. Not very different from 5/16". Just sayin'.

    You are absolutely correct ,however, common 5/16 fully threaded capscrews fit perfect.Edwin Dirnbeck

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    Question what's all this about making a belt sander go backwards.
    It makes no sense why not just take a leisurely walk down to the other end of the grinder. What was coming towards you immediately goes away from you or is that just in Australia. There now isn't that better with a good daily dose of exercise thrown in surely I should get the NO BELL PRIZE for this amazing discovery.
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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