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Thread: New member, loking for advice

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    Just asking the question.. Why not buy a short chambered barrel for your rifle? There are many available ready to install, you still need to finish the chamber to proper depth, which can easily be done by hand, all you need is a reamer and headspace gauge. All of which can be rented fairly cheep.
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    People rent chamber reamers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chef1978 View Post
    Victor was big dissapointment,i contacted them saying that i'm loking to thread 13/16 and need the right die,the response was '' sorry i dont know what kind of die this will be.
    Hi there Chef. You might want to specify the thread pitch next time. Should be something like 13/16-12 or 13/16-16. The 12 and 16 mean how many threads will be cut per inch of material. The 13/16-12 would mean 12 threads per inch. Look about half-way down this page and you will find that Victor has 13/16 dies.

    Some potential problems with die threading and what you were wanting to do were mentioned already. Aside from threading the barrel, you would need to know the thread pitch and diameter of the muzzle break threads. They're kinda standardized, such as 9/16-24 and 1/2-28, 5/8-24, 1/2-32, etc. Simply threading your barrel with a random die won't get you set up for a muzzle brake, unless you make the brake yourself, make an adapter, or some come up with some other way of attaching the brake.

    Something to think about and I hope this helps.
    My buddy Steve is teaching a muzzle brake class next week. It'd be a long drive from Canada, although we do have a Mounty attending classes.
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