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Thread: Tell me about automatic transmission fluid please.

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    My two cents is that it's called "automatic transmission fluid" and not "multi-purpose lubricant" for good reason. Engines have engine oil, transmissions have ATF. Could you switch the two around? Sure. Though they may work, A trans with engine oil and an engine with trans fluid aren't going to work for long. I agree with CalM that ATF works pretty good for flushing things, but I wouldn't use it as a lubricant.
    1978 HONDA MOTORCYCLE had engine and automatic transmission connected and sharing same oil.Very trouble free and long lasting. Edwin Dirnbeck

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    Here is an alternate use - although I don't really recommend it...

    An old farmer I knew several years ago had a bulldozer out in the sticks doing a rush job. The cylinders were sleeved and surrounded by coolant which was kept separated from the oil by o-rings between the sleeve and the block - I don't know how many industrial engines are built like this but my John Deere 2020 is similar in design - for all I know, this might have been a JD dozer. At any rate, the radiator started leaking, the engine got hot and an o-ring gave way, which flooded the oil sump with water. The owner couldn't fix it onsite so he drained all the mixed fluids and filled the entire system with ATF - radiator and crankcase. He then drove the machine back to the trailer, which was at least a mile, maybe more. He took the dozer to a shop for repair and the mechanic said nothing had failed inside the engine. They did the overhaul and he went back to work. IIRC, he also said the mechanic told him the inside of the engine sparkled and there was very little oil/water emulsion left anywhere inside.

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