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Thread: MIG Welder Archaeology

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    I finally cleared out the garage and gained access to the corner where my MIGs have been sitting unused for 7+ years.

    I was mildly surprised that they both seemed to work fine and a test was presented within hours in the form of SWMBO presenting her Stainless Steel garden spade with a crack across all but an inch of the middle of the blade. Both sides seamed, ground and polished,

    Bonus Points earned! ;-)

    I forgot to mention that these are of mid 1980s vintage, on the right is my original set up with it's original torch and CO2 for car bodywork and general steel fabrication, on the left is a 50 "spares" job from eBay which turned out to need only a new pair of front castors, this one is set up with a Euro Torch conversion kit and Argon for Stainless, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze and Copper.
    Both have floating ball type meters for accurate setting of actual gas flow rather than trusting a pressure gauge marked to indicate approximate flow through the pipework & torch.
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