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Thread: Grease and grease guns.

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    Default Grease Monkeys

    I am not sure why us grease monkeys consider lubricants so much for years.

    I suspect it is because we are mechanical thinking folks that understand the relationship that greases and oil have with metal rubbing surfaces. Even some other materials need some form of lubricant, sometimes self initiated.

    Yes, I believe if you have the ability to use a proper lubricant you should. Engineers and all (gotta pay for all the off matching socks ).

    My Dads truck takes two cause the joints take one and the sliding fifth wheel hitch and plate take a different type. Not for me to decide on someone elses stuff.

    My car takes marine grade white lith for the 4140 on 4140 suspension bushings. That was my choice because I made the control arms and bushings. Yes, moly would have worked just as well if not better for the pressure ratings. Problem is I drive this race car on the street in trash water and all the stuff road borne. The grease I chose has the properties I was looking for.

    My go to for the last 24 years has been this small container of grease. There was one on top of this one, it ran out.

    One of my old posts here show my shop. The storage space I made on the back wall. 144- 9.5"x8" cubby holes, 12 inches deep. The picture shows my main go to bearing and sliding surface grease. Good ol moly bought from Sears in 92-93.

    I just looked and there was one, sealed and unopened. I know it is still good, the last one lasted 24 years. Yeah, I am sparing with the grease. More folks should do the same.

    Grease guns? Yeah, Alemite, Lincoln. I have both, seam similar. JR

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    I used a similar tub of "yellow wheel bearing grease" for years. I either ran out, or it went somewhere with me and did not come back.

    I went and bought what I thought was the same stuff.... it was dead-black, no idea what is in it, the color kinda put me off, but it is specified for the same uses.

    I just can't feel the same confidence in a black grease as I did in that "pure" (heck, you could see through it) yellow grease. Seems like there must be something other than grease in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3 Phase Lightbulb View Post
    My first bridgeport had zerk fittings. I remember it was a PITA to find a grease gun that could hold Vactra #2(?) way oil without leaking and generate enough pressure to** grease all of the zerks.*** I made sure my next milling machine had a Bijur one-shot oiler.
    :-) NO you didn't "grease all the zerks", You Oiled them. :-) I just keep the "Oil" gun up ended in a gallon can with the top cut off and the back end left off. Pour some way oil in use it and put it back in the can.

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    Old Pistolmatic grease guns are far superior to anything available now. I buy every one I see at auctions. 20 years ago Lincoln made excellent guns too, but not anymore. All the grease sneaks by the plunger so when you change tubes it all squirts out the bottom and all over your hands etc.

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    I got tired of having to run to the store every time my grease gun farted instead of pumping grease, so I bought a 24 tube case of certified EP-2 multi-Purpose Grease. It's a lithium based, NLGI No.2 grease. Great stuff that did the job for a year or so, but when I slowed down, the greasing did too. Then one day I picked up the gun to grease my mower deck, and left a trail of oil across the garage floor. The oil had separated out of the grease and was running out the rear end of the gun. I guess buying in bulk is not a good idea for the occasional user.
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    Years ago, I installed a filler fitting on all my grease guns, probably 5 or 6 at the time. That fitting mates with a pump on a 5-gallon can of grease. At the time, that bucket of grease was about 1/3 the price of equivilant tubes, but now I think the price is about the same. However, I've stuck with this setup for a couple of reasons:

    Easy to fill a partially-empty gun.
    Cleaner than handling tubes.

    The grease still comes from Tractor Supply Co.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdunmyer View Post
    Years ago, I installed a filler fitting on all my grease guns.
    This is what I did at work, except instead of the normal filler fittings, I installed hydraulic quick disconnects on the gun and pump. That way I just hook up the gun and then I can let go of it while I fill it.


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