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Thread: Micro drilling burr free

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    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurr View Post
    ---------------------------------------, maybe it is still possible to mount the drill bit in a support sleeve that improves rigidity while being small enough to fit into the recess.------------
    Fabulous thought Ed -using a sleeve (Drill jig) eliminates the need for a point on the drill


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Carlstedt View Post
    Fabulous thought Ed -using a sleeve (Drill jig) eliminates the need for a point on the drill

    Not a sleeve in the sense of a drill jig (although if one would fit and could be fixtured, it might just be the ticket.)

    What I had in mind is a piece of bar or tube, larger than the drill bit, but small enough to reach down into the recess. One end is held in the chuck, the other end has an opening where the end of the unpointed 0.011" dia Brad Tip protrudes by 0.010". The idea being to add stiffness - like a center drill.

    Since that post, I checked Center Drill sizes.

    • The #00000 Center Drill has a 0.010 dia tip
    • The #0000 has a 0.020" tip

    For example, the following link is to a #00000 Center Drill and the same page includes a chart listing dimensions for a variety of other sizes.

    If the OP's application can be fufilled with a 0.010 dia drill, instead of the current 0.011" one, then perhaps #00000 Center Drills modified to have flat/Brad tips would be able to cut unpiloted, burr-free holes without deflection in a single pass ?
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    As per EddyCurr I tried a product made by CS alloys called Safe 165. I had to make a form out of aluminum bolted on the work piece to hold the melted alloy. I used the mounting holes to hold the form. It by far gave me the best results. The hole gave me a nearly perfect stream of liquid.

    Once again guys I want to thank all of you for giving me ideas. It's been a real eye opener as to how many ways one can drill a hole.

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