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Thread: RC motors, 3 phase..? Tell me about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattiJ View Post
    Agreed. The bearings are truly tiny and might last only tens of hours in model use.
    I have actually machined/redesigned some small bldc motors for lot bigger bearings when re-using them for something entirely different.
    That sounds like a grand plan. As I was reading your post my mind leapt at the thought of some manner of substitute main core and end bell for the rotor made from steel with the shaft bearings moved outboard from the small size core to allow a larger shaft.

    For more of a one off like this the other option would be a sort of "exoskeleton" with a longer replacement shaft that used a third output shaft support bearing.

    Of course we don't really know what the intended application is. Perhaps all this concern is groundless. It all just "depends" doesn't it?
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