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Thread: HF Welding Blankets??

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    Since this thread still appears to be active, I'll post my comments. I bought the HF green / brown welding blanket to make a 3 sided shield for my welding table about 15 years ago. From what I remember, the blanket came from Russia or somewhere similar. While it is a very course fabric weave, I always presumed the blanket was flax or similar material with a fire retardant treatment. Sparks and slag bounce right off, but brief, direct contact with a flame will scorch the fabric. I also have a HF welding apron, bought about 8 to 10 years ago. Just as course of a fabric but I never felt any glass fibers after wearing it - I frequently wear shorts in the summer time so I use the apron as a shield (I do not use the apron when I have long pants on).
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