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Thread: HF Welding Blankets??

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    Default HF Welding Blankets??

    Does anyone have any direct experience with the Harbor Freight welding blankets? I'm going to need a couple soon for spark control while welding on my car and of course they have the lowest price but some of the comments about rough finish and picking up fibers are concerning. Cost is important, but if it really is like handling a cactus I'll look elsewhere.

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    Living in Canada I have no direct experience with the HF blankets but I have seen and used some of the cheap Chinese
    blankets that you can buy up here. Some were pretty gnarly and they didn't stand up like the better ones...
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    usually sitting down at welding table, when welding

    got some small burns on my thighs

    now place HF blanket over my lap

    works okay for me...


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    I bought the brown ones 10 years or so ago. I had the idea that I might be able to drape them around an area to make a welding station when MIG welding.

    I found that a molten bead hitting at an angle will bounce off. The same bead landing on a horizontal section may burn into or through the fiber. The blanket did not catch fire. I did not use it for a welding station.

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    I used one as a curtain to keep angle grinder sparks away from my other machines, it works fine but when the sparks hit it, they get stuck in the fabric and don't really come off. Not really a big deal but the blanket gets pretty ugly pretty quickly. Also it does seem to shed fibreglass strands every now and then. I wouldn't want to wear it as a coat.

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    I have a brown fiber one I bought years ago. Not really that good. It has plenty of burn holes through it.

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    I use them all the time, they don't work perfect but neither do they expensive ones. I like them and use them as a consumable. Layer them if it's important and throw them away when they get holy.
    As for pokieness they are great the first few uses but they do get pokey after a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by gzig5 View Post
    Does anyone have any direct experience with the Harbor Freight welding blankets?
    I do not have direct experience with the Harbor Freight welding blankets, but I post to draw your attention to a few points.

    First, HF has at least two grades of blanket. The primary difference appears to be fabric density. In Canada, our HF equiv, Princess Auto, rates their blankets in oz. Your HF rates them in thickness: either 'mil' or in decimals - the three Chicago Electric versions are 0.030", the Berger is 0.040".

    Consider what your expectations are for protecton. The spectrum runs from light sparks, through splatter, slag, and on to molten metal? Vertical plane only, or horizontal, too?

    To help decide, look at blanket vendor sites like Tillman's for information about the application differences between light, medium, HD and extreme duty products. (Also: notice Tillman's #599 Side Split Cowhide w/o grommets for body shop use !!). Steiner is another helpful site.

    I understand that price is important, but if the application is such that several light duty blankets are 'holed' and underlying surfaces you intended to protect wind up damaged, how much has really been saved?

    Perhaps a mix would best meet your needs: one medium or heavier duty blanket for a critical area, complemented w/ other lighter duty ones?
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    I have a couple to block the welding arc light and to control sparks. Brand new you can handle them easily without picking up itchy fibers, but after tossing them around for a while, then you definitely don't want to handle them bare-handed. They're nowhere near as horrible as the older brown ones, the newer whiteish ones are much better. I always use long-sleeve dickies shirts anyways. Rather sweat my butt off than be itching all day long.

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    The ones I have are fair, considering the price. The ocasional molten blob will fall down and burn a hole, but it's certainly better than nothing.

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