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Thread: Treating polished brass

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    Quote Originally Posted by h12721 View Post
    The old brass Instruments like microscopes, Telescopes or Sextants where covert with Zapon Lack .
    Zaponlack is a good thing, indeed. Thin, dries fast, stays well, easy to remove if needed. I used it regularly 30+ years ago to insulate soldered areas on electronic boards, etc. I still have a small bottle of it with a green dye. But it was brought to me from Europe. Cannot find it here.

    By the way, does anybody know what dyes they used there? Must be the same or similar to those used in Dykem (soluble in acetone).


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    My father-in-law worked in the repair shop of a musical instument company owned by Doc Severinsen. They used a spray on, bake on clear finish on polished brass.
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