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Thread: HF High Speed Metal Saw Help

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    Glad you got one that works. I have had the HF one for many years and it works great, plenty of power, I do have a large compressor though.

    One thing I did do is go on ebay and buy some really good bi-metal blades on the cheap. They are not exactly the same (shank) but clamp up just fine. JR
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    I had one of the first harbor freight saws like this and it worked fine for a bout a year than it did the same thing that yours does in the meantime I bought about three or four more they were all the same junk I finally bit the bullet and bought a used snap on for about $120 it works fantastic it has some sort of a spring loaded shovel system that keeps it from locking up in the main time I have bought a Nother one just like it it is so good they are out around $300 new but they do work and they work wonderful I hate to spend the extra money for something like this when it is a simple design problem but like I said snap on works wonderful and has paid for it self many many times

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    Make darn sure you keep the air tank drained of water and have drip legs installed. If it did work and you said it did, and it set with moisture or old oil gumming up the vanes then it needs to be cleaned. I have had good luck with Kroil and letting it soak, repeat as needed with air applied between. Once you get it free, then a good grade of air tool oil, a few drops every hour or so. I have a HF air tool from 40 years ago, in fact first HF purchased I ever made and it works fine.
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