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Thread: My Cheap Welding Hood

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    Default My Cheap Welding Hood

    A couple of years ago, I bought a Lincoln AC225 stick welder. I had never used an auto-darkening hood before, but based on good reviews I ordered this one from Amazon.

    It seemed perfectly adequate for stick, but I didn't use it much. I've since purchased an AHP Alpha-TIG 200x and have been practicing my aluminum. I'm pleased to say that my beads are no worse (nor better) than they were 25 years ago. With the darkness set to max, I am able to see the puddle clearly and have not experienced any flash burn. The head-band is plenty adjustable (it fits my giant melon), retains adjustment and is comfortable to wear. I can't comment on any of the technicalities or comparisons to high dollar hoods, but I can say this one as wholly adequate for the hobbyist and occasional weldor, and at $23, I give it a Best Buy rating.
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    I have welded with a number of electronic hoods.
    I have 3 speedglas helmets and just bought my son a Setinal from Esab for his graduation from welding school.

    I have also used the really inexpensive auto-dark ones.
    The newer cheapie's are visually as good as the older Speedglas helmet, but the newer Speedglas and the Esab one are remarkably better than the older stuff.
    My older son gave me a lens out of a 9200 series helmet and I bought the rest of the parts to complete the helmet. It doesn't seem to color the weld green as much as the older ones.

    Of course this is stuff at the other end of the cost spectrum. But again, even the bottom cost stuff seemed to always work ok for what I was doing.
    And the other nice thing about a cheap helmet is that you can stick weld with them and not worry about it.
    Stick spatter will tear up a helmet. So my expensive Speedglas stuff gets used for MIG and TIG. I still break out the fixed lens stuff for stick welding.
    With a 23 dollar helmet, I wouldn't worry as much about it getting spatter all over it.
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