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Thread: Making a dovetailed peep sight?

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    Do you mean something like this, with maybe a smaller hole?
    I made this one for a friend's old-timey Winchester.
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    I noticed this older post was reluctant to reply, since the OP wanted to make his own; that's quite understandable. If, however, he is willing to "go commercial"... The simple solution would be to go to Brownells and order one of their bullseye rear sights, made by Marbles. I've been using them for several years and find them to be excellent. Contrary to what I was told back in the '60s, the peep sight works just fine out there on the barrel; matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised when the first one I bought did work. I've used them on 45/70s and .22 Hornets and several in between. Since the dovetail on my Husqvarna is oversized (not a 3/8'), I had to epoxy it in then had to remove it (by heating) to correct for windage. It's been there for several months and works just fine. It's also a myth that you absolutely have to center the front sight in the peep for it to work. The bullseye sight has two circles and you can easily put the front sight up or down in the small, center ring, on top oif the ring, or use the outer ring the same way. With the two rings, it is a lot easier to adjust for elevation than by raising the front sight in an open rear sight; more reference points... Surprising what you can do with a little experimenting. My Husqvarna is an 8mm, purchased from Simpsons...

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    I agree with Bluechips, peep sight has to be mounted close to your eye.

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