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Thread: Locking set screw?

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    usually a set screw with nylon insert would do, but due to heat another material must be used, try removing the nylon insert and putting copper or aluminum in the place of nylon.there are factory made distorted nuts and bolts for locking in place.u could try drilling a small hole all the way through set screw, and then slightly pressing it out of round in a vise w copper jaws,and then installing..u can always use soldering and brazing, if u have too.a poor mans way of locking bolts was to lay a piece of fishing line into bottom of hole,and on side of hole ,and then thread bolt into hole ,fishing line across the full lenght of threads,..try a thin piece of copper,aluminum or lead.(.0005 shim stock )..if u can make or get set screws with a deeper allen hole, u could cut across the top of SS like a castle nut, if u can t make allen hole deeper u can make the cuts across the top for a flat blade screw driver for install,,then use a center punch type tool to expand the top 2-3 threads,and when u thread it in, the expanded threads hold SS in place.if final instal is like pic, u can still make one slot across top of SS and use safety wire to hold SS in place,i think there is enough clearence ..maybe not..
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    Rocksett. It's good enough for muzzle brakes, it should handle that set screw as well.

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    The gas key rides in the charging handle. With the set screw protruding above the profile of the gas key, you're going to have problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob La Londe View Post
    There is a product called Vibra-Tite that is reported to hold screws in position fairly well under vibration.
    It's used on all Harley Davidson fasteners. Or he can buy some pwdered nylon and make his own patch.

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    Many years ago now, I was doing some aerospace assemblies, and the drawings specified what they called "Prevailing Torque" threaded fasteners. These had a portion of the thread deliberately distorted so as to maintain an interference fit when assembled. It's been fifty years, but I seem to remember that the "Prevailing Torque" moniker was a trade name at the time. It seems now to have become a generic term, including non-metallic patches, rings and plugs. Closest thing I can find to what I remember, in a quick search, is This type is for assemblies that will see high heat, such as the hot sections of gas turbines.

    Much later on when I was racing motorcycles, a cruder method was not uncommon. Bugger up the male thread with a pair of pliers. Joe Bolger referred to this "Canadian Loctite". No love lost between us New Englanders and the crazy Quebeckers.

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    Why not just stake it like other gas keys?


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