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    My grandson purchased the above-named mask, and before anyone asks, NOT from the roadrunner! it looks like a WW2 gas mask, but with welding lenses. The problem is, it has no "Acme Dead Air Check Valves." I am quoting from a little folder that came with the mask. Obviously, the company is now out of buisiness, or I would not be writing this. First question: does anyone know what these little valves look like? And, could a couple of facsimile replacements be fabricated? Next question: Does he even need these valves.
    The unit came with an ammonia cartridge, which may even be time expired. Evidently it is to be worn with an appropriate cartridge when welding in a particularly hazardous atmosphere. Since it is at least pre-1970, it probably has been superceded with MUCH better equipment, and should NOT be used as protection from nasties. My grandson is correct, however, since it IS a very COOL looking mask for eye protection, and has very useful large flip-open lenses
    Any suggestions would be appreciated, but rest assured, it will NOT be worn for vapor protection!
    Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec

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    I would argue that it doesnt need the valves because it shouldnt be used for any form of safety protection. Maybe because its cool looking, but even if the intent is just eye protection, would you really want to trust the safety of your peepers to something that was made back when safety regulations were a little more "we'll worry about lasting effects if we dont get nuked from orbit"? Might work, but it might not, and id be leery of that second part

    Somewhat more serious answer, im guessing that those valves arent needed for the mask to be worn, theyre just there to keep air from being exhausted out through the filters. Filters probably wont work without them, but again, you probably shouldnt be overly trusting of the filters anyway on something of unknown pedigree anyway.

    In case you hadnt guessed, i may be a little over-cautious when it comes to PPE

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