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Thread: Current situation shipping US to Canada?

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    Is there a rate table according to what the item is?
    I thought that this would be a handy item as well for my own use so I looked. I found a lot of very general calculators and tables, but nothing of any real value due to their being either too general or totally ambiguous.
    I'm sure there is one out their that would be fairly inclusive and up to date but I sure as heck haven't found one in all of the Canada Border Services Agency's convoluted mess.
    So if anybody finds one please past the link here for those of us that are unable to penetrate CSBA framework of standards regarding duties, taxes, excise taxes, surtaxes, etc. etc.

    I would assume though that for the most part it's business as usual other than the raw materials I eluded to previously, which are outlined in the link below.

    Countermeasures in Response to Unjustified Tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum Products
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    Well despite my wife being convinced the socks were US made, I did a Google search and it turns out that yes, they are made in China. I think she has got away without paying duty on previous orders because they were small enough to avoid attention.

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    Ya even though our gubberment legislated the postal workers back to work there are still slow downs. I ordered something from Amazon. It was in stock in Mississauga took a nice drive in the wrong direction to Ottawa then to Kitchener. It now shows out for delivery but delayed due to weather? WTF? It snowed in Canada who would have been prepared for that? Actually just a light dusting I myself drove to the Kitchener area and back with no problem, my package was not so lucky.

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