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Thread: The Spline Adventure Continues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post
    Thanx Guys? My Original Post Arctic Cat

    Thundercat Spline on Jack Shaft. Does any one know anything regarding these? Are they Involute Spline like a 30 degree stub .I dont know much about Splines. I thought first it was a straight 30 degree type but..almost looks a bit .Anyhow any Info would be good. Thanx Guys

    My second Post was Inquiring as to the Proper Nomenclature to develop a suitable Cutting Tool in My Shop. I thought I made that Clear enough ?? Apparently Not. I apologize Guys for my communication Problem. If I Had a cad program I could project a Diagram on screen and see what size dia cutter would work. Anyhow thanx appreciate youre Time Mike
    Make a flycutter toolbit to match existing spline and use that.

    Machinery's handbook contains enough formulas about involute splines to give you headache but that would be the starting point if you want to dig deeper into these..

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    Thanx I dont have one. I will look into it have a bit of a idea from a Gentleman who is trying to show me how to make cutters. Two ways so far. Very Interesting . I will post when done and it works.

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