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Thread: South Bend 9 owners, a question please?

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    It's in the midst of the cleaning. That's where the issue first showed up because the slide was loose even before it was taken apart for cleaning. And it was worse after when all the gunk acting as thread gum was removed.

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    Fishing Line: That's the trick I used to fix the height adjustment on my QC tool post. It works great. I have holders that have held their adjustment for many years. And you can still easily and quickly adjust them with a single Allen wrench when needed. I usually fold it in half and insert the folded end in the hole.

    I keep a spool of fishing line on the shop shelf.

    But I still haven't had to do this on my SB slides.

    Quote Originally Posted by ulav8r View Post
    Take the screws out, insert some monofilament fishing line with enough sticking out to hang on to while putting the screw back in. That will provide enough tension to keep the screws from moving but will allow easy adjustment.
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    Make it fit.
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