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Thread: South Bend 9 owners, a question please?

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    what i did with my cross slide was to lap it basically. i ground about 15 divots per square inch on the flat surfaces of the dovetail in the cross slide, removed the nut, lubricated the whole thing with heating oil (diesel), and scraped the flat on the carriage until the cross slide was evenly snug across the entire travel. it doesn't take that much time to do this, when you snug the gib screws and move the cross slide back and forth, where it gets stiff the oil film breaks down and it polishes the apron (don't touch the cross slide after flattening it on the surface plate) just scrape down the shiny spots.

    as such the gib screws can be set finger tight with a small screw driver and they won't move on you because they are always applying pressure to the gib. the divots in the cross slide help a lot to retain oil and lubricate it.

    you could replace them with nylon locking ball plunger setscrews. the spring will always keep pressure on the gib, perhaps enough that you won't need to actually tighten them unless you need to lock it for taking a heavy cut when boring (with the tool hanging over the left side, pulling up on the side with the gib)
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