One of the many things I've been eyeing with envy in videos is a belt sander. There are many things, of course, but it's conceivable I could actually fit one of these in my shop with some creative thinking - ie, it wouldn't get its own dedicated space.
There are plenty of dirt-cheap units with reviews complaining of the belts wandering off and the like, and there are plenty of industrial budget-heavy 3-phase jobbies. Something small but not naff seems to be harder to find. I was looking at this one from Axminster in the UK:
It's relatively small, variable-speed, not lacking in power, has dust-extraction and with some add-ons will provide quick-change 4" polishing mops/deburring wheels and some sharpening capability for knives and chisels. I have a bench grinder but with my skill level and no jig, it's really only for rough shaping rather then sharpening.

I've got two questions really:

Is this going to be up to taking a chunk of steel and shaping to scribe lines like you see done in videos or am I kidding myself without something much heavier?
It doesn't seem to provide any access to the belt as it passes over the wheel. Is this something I'm likely to find restrictive? If so, is there any reason the guard couldn't be modified either at the drive end or (less conveniently) at the top end?

Many thanks,