Hey all,

I am new to machining and could use some opinions.

I am trying to justify purchasing a lathe for my hobbies, mainly building classic cars. But, because of my ignorance with the use of a lathe, I canít picture what I would use it for other than making spacers, bungs, and parts for creating or fixing tools. Not sure how often I would actually use the lathe.

Looking at the Little Machine Shop 5100 HiTorque 7x16 Lathe and the Precision Matthews 1022v lathe. I have toyed with spending the extra $100 to get the PM 1030v but I donít know if I will need the extra length.

Anyway, could use some knowledge dropped on me to help me get over the hump on whether to make the purchase or not. Machining is fascinating to me and I know I would enjoy it but only if I actually do it / use it to support my main hobby in any shape or form.

Thanks in advance!