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Thread: What's the difference in these 2 tool holders?

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    Default What's the difference in these 2 tool holders?

    I recently got a AXA-100 QCTP, wedge type. this is a import item. There is 2 different holders that look the same. part number 250-101 and 250-102.
    They look the same to me. One says for turning and facing. The other says for turning, facing, and boring.
    Whats the difference?

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    Without a picture I'm not sure what you're talking about. Maybe the one that says boring has a v groove machined in it to hold a round boring bar.


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    Yep. The 101 has a flat bottom for square tool shanks and the 102 has a v groove in the bottom to hold a round shank tool. There is enough flat on either side of the groove for a square shank as well.

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    Ahh, that was quick!!
    I got a square bit in both of these, a left, and a right tool.
    I just looked and saw the groove you talking about.
    I been wanting to order extras of this to make a dedicated left/right/boring/etc./etc.

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