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    Default Speaking of GeckoDrive

    I forgot I still have one GeckoDrive in service (I'm not a fan). Its a G540 on a little Chinese light weight CNC router. Until a December when I cut some awards plaques for a friends fishing club I hadn't used it in years. In fact I think the last time I had used it was when I was running a bass club... for the same purpose. Cutting awards plaques back in 2013 I think. Imagine my surprise when it still worked.

    Well I decided to try and get a jump on plaques for my friend's fishing club for 2019 and fired it up again today... sadly it didn't work any more. The Z axis driver failed. Somehow I was much less surprised. LOL. Fortunately it was dead easy to get going again. I powered down the controller box, swapped the Z cable to the A port, and copied the pin assignments from the A axis to the Z axis settings in mach. Boom. Up and running again.

    I could easily do everything on the mills, and much of last year I made plaques for my buddy on one of the mills, but I hate all that wood dust all over my machines. Here's hoping it doesn't lose another driver before I get the 2019 plaques done.
    *** I always wanted a welding stinger that looked like the north end of a south bound chicken. Often my welds look like somebody pointed the wrong end of a chicken at the joint and squeezed until something came out. Might as well look the part.

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    What is your favorite drive?
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