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Thread: Folding Utility Knives & Saws

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    Quote Originally Posted by gellfex View Post
    You need one of these, I keep one in the car. Not only can it handle heavier lumber than the Gerber (my son has similar to that for backpacking) but it holds multiple blades, so you can have a lumber saw and 2 grades of hacksaw like 12tpi & 24 tpi.

    I have a bow saw but, I wanted something pocketable. I've cut 6" fallen trees out of the way with the Gerber, so it's good enough. And with having no backing frame it'll get into tight places that a framed saw just won't do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gellfex View Post
    Years ago I bought a Japanese pruning saw at Garrett Wade that was like a giant gravity knife, you could flick it open one handed, perfect for up on a ladder! I've also long had a fixed handle for Sawzall blades, came as a freebie with something. Useful on occasion.

    It was similar to this but all wood handle
    There is a similar (PocketBoy) version made by another company that is pocket size. Works great when pruning small trees, the Japanese blades are 20x better than any US product.

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    All of my bow saws were too flexy and never had enough blade tension.
    An easy project from some years back:

    It uses an 18" blade, works great and stores in a small bundle:

    I just noticed the pix are from before I added rubber/foam grips, which makes it plenty comfortable in use.
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    I've got one of these:

    It is robust and has seen quite a bit of use. My only complaints are it's heavy, and bulky.
    BTW, for all of you that complain about how hard it is to post pics, I went out to the shop, found the knife, got the camera out (I don't have a phone), took the pix, loaded them in an album in my profile and posted them here. All in less than 5 minutes.
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    Here are some fancy folding knives:

    and these:

    I like the pattern in the (Damascus) steel blade:

    My friend Dave from Johns Hopkins (1966-1970) has an artistic switchblade group in FB, and he also designs and builds some knives.

    You can get pocket chainsaws. I have a couple that I got from Banggood. Here are others:

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