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Thread: Spindle lock on lathe?

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    Post Spindle lock on lathe?

    Are there lathes that have a spindle lock? There have been times when it would have been useful to lock the spindle so that the chuck would be kept stationary.


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    You could always build a shaft lock for the end of your spindle. I have seen that done.

    I like the new look of the board!

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    Now there's a puzzlement; a guy named Rotate looking for a spindle lock...
    I had a second operation Rivet once that had a spindle lock. haven't seen one since.

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    On the Clausing and Craftsman 12" lathes that I have used, the spindle can be locked by putting the lathe into back gear mode and moving the back gear driving pin to the appropriate position.

    Be careful not to apply power if you try this, though.

    Mike, near Chicago
    Mike Henry near Chicago

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    My Atlas has an indexing pin that will hold the spindle, maybe not fully lock it, though. The engaged bull gear/back gear idea is the best way.

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    Hardinge Lathes have spindle locks.
    I can put my SB Lathe in back gear and will
    allow me to bump the chuck to remove it.

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    Didn't one of Rudy Kouhoupt's Sherline projects include a spindle lock? I think it was for when he was using the headstock for indexing.

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    If you put a spindle lock on, best bet is have some kind of electrical interlock so the motor won't run.
    Hardinge and Monarch EE's have them.

    Lotta good lathes have spindle brakes but my P & W won't lock up enough for broaching, or milling (gear backlash).

    You could make some kinda band clamp to go around the chuck and lock to a bar across the ways.

    Are you milling in the lathe?


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    If you think your equipment will take the load, Put a pair of vice grips on the lead screw and spindle is locked. I have seen some pretty elaborate ways to "lock " the gear train and it seems to me that the stresses on the drive train are the pretty much the same no matter where the lock is put. And no, I did not mean to grip the threads on the lead screw.

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    John many woodworking lathes are fitted with A spindle lock on a myford ml8 for example you can lock the head with a simple through pin spring loaded which activates a series of holes drilled into the side of the pulley wheel giving indexing facilities and full locking at the same time could such a thing be adapted for your lathe also some chucks have holes drilled into the side of the backplate these can be indexed locked with a lever pin device which locks into the holes.Alistair
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